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About Tayo Station Singapore

Book the Tayo Station tickets in Singapore to create font family memories and spend a high-octane day with your little ones. This 10,000sq ft indoor playground is dotted with entertaining activities and attractions to boost your kids' social, physical, and mental development. Tayo Station is based upon the famous Korean animated series Tayo The Little Bus, which follows Tayo and his friends, who often go on exciting adventures and discover new sights. It is a massive indoor playground with eight themed zones, two-party rooms for events and celebrations, and one toy store. Watch your kids learn safety rules and basic road signs at Tayo's Road Circuit. The kids can climb up the 3-storey-high Gani's Playground and hop into the Cliff Ball Pool. The parents can sit back and relax in the separate seating area at Chill Zone while watching their kids having immense fun. The kids can burn off their excess energy by heading to the three-storey high play gym known as "Gani's Playground." "Rogi's Room" and "Lani's Room" are event spaces where you can throw Tayo-themed birthday parties for your child. So what are you waiting for? Take your kids on an unforgettable learning adventure by visiting Tayo Station Singapore.


Advantage of Booking Tayo Station Tickets From Us

You should book Tayo Station tickets in Singapore from us as we offer huge discounts and exciting deals. Also, booking the ticket on our website is extremely easy- you just need to choose the attraction, select the date and time, fill in your details and pay the Tayo Station ticket price. Once you've paid the price, you'll get a copy of the ticket on your registered email id within a few hours. You can show the ticket at the Tayo Station counter and get direct entry to the attraction. Another great advantage is that you won't have to stand in long lines waiting for your turn to buy the ticket from the ticket counter when you book a Tayo Station ticket from us.

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Tayo Station Singapore

1. Purchase Skip the Line Tickets

Booking the Tayo station ticket online is the best way to skip the long lines at the ticket counter and get direct entry to the attraction. You won't have to wait for hours to grab the ticket at the Tayo station ticket counter when you have pre booked the ticket online. This will also save you time and give you a chance to explore the attraction in a relaxed way with optimum time at hand.

2. Book Your Tickets in Advance

Since Tayo Station is a highly raved attraction, the slots of a particular date might become full if you don't book the ticket online. By booking the tickets in advance, you can visit the attraction at your desired date and time as per your schedule.

3. Convenience/ Ease

The best thing about booking Tayo Station tickets online is that it offers great convenience and ease to you. One can book the tickets from the comfort of your couch within a few minutes and get a copy of the ticket in your email. Not only that, it saves your money and time and lets you choose from hundreds of deals so that you can get the best Tayo Station price.

4. Best Deals and discounts

By booking the Tayo Station tickets in Singapore online, you can get great deals and discounts. You can compare the rates on different websites and book the package from the website that offers the best rates. Online booking gives you time to do Tayo Station price comparison, meaning a high level of satisfaction.

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Safety Measurements of Tayo Station Singapore

  • Safety and cleanliness have always been the top priority of Tayo Station Singapore. The crew extensively sanitizes and cleans the park at the end of the day and after each session.
  • In addition, Tayo cars and high-touch surfaces are sanitized hourly. Along with that, Tayo Station is SG Certified!
  • All guests must purchase Tayo Station's entrance tickets online and prebook a preferred play & date session on Tayo Station's website.
  • Tayo Station will operate at 25% of its capacity, in line with the latest government regulations. There will be a maximum capacity of 54 people per play session, including children and adults.

Highlights of Tayo Station Singapore

Tayo Station Singapore
  • Tayo Station is an indoor playground for kids based on the popular Korean animated series Tayo the Little Bus.
  • You can relax with your kids in the chill zone while enjoying beverages and refreshments.
  • As your trip comes to an end, you can buy cartoon buses and other interesting toys as a souvenir at Tayo's Toy Store.
  • Some of the popular attractions within the park include Tayo's Road Circuit, Gani's Playground, and the Rainbow Lounge.
  • At the Poco's Hinoki Pit and three-story Gani's Playground, the kids can participate in many interesting activities.
  • Tayo's Road Circuit is a child-sized street within the park dotted with fun spaces like Wash n' Go, the Garage, and the Gas Pump Kiosk for the kids to zip around and enjoy mini manual rides. Here, kids learn about road signs and road safety rules in an engaging and fun environment.
  • Rogi's and Lani's party rooms are Tayo-themed areas where your family can plan a special occasion for the young ones.
  • Dive or scale into the Cliff Ball Pool, which has a long ball pool and mini rock climbing wall.
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Fun Activities for Kids at Tayo Station Singapore

Tayo's Road Circuit

Tayo's Road Circuit is a miniature street scene where your little ones can take control of the wheel. This child-size track has its own gas station, car wash, and garage. At Tayo's Road Circuit, your kids will learn basic road safety rules and various road signs, enabling them to understand real-world scenarios in an engaging environment. Recommended Age: 1-4 Capacity: 12 pax maximum

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Hinoki Play at Tayo Station.jpg
Poco's Hinoki Play

Poco's Hinoki Play is one of the most favorite areas of kids at Tayo Station. Here kids can spend hours emulating sand play through wooden cubes called Hinoki that have been imported from South Korea. These clean and aromatic wooden cubes are known for their numerous skin and health benefits. The kids can excavate, pour, dig and build creative items through the tiny building blocks around them. Recommended Age: 3 and above Capacity: 6 pax maximum

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Gani's Playground

Gani's Playground is a 3-storey-high play system dotted with a maze of tunnels, physical obstacles, and slides. Here, kids can put their agility and motor skills against the various challenges for a fun-filled day. The kids can test their agility and skills by trying to conquer any of the obstacles suitable for their age. Recommended Age: 1-4 Capacity: 25 pax maximum

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Cliff Ball Pool Tayo Station
Cliff Ball Pool

Watch your kids swim and wade through a sea of multi-colored softballs at Cliff Ball Pool. It is situated beside Gani's Playground and has a mini rock climbing wall, where kids can scale and scream before they fall. Cliff Ball Pool has a combination of a long ball pool and a mini rock climbing wall. Recommended Age: 3 and above Capacity: 8 pax maximum

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Chill Zone Tayo Station
The Chill Zone

If you have burnt off your energy and are looking for a place to chill out and relax, then you can head to The Chill Zone. It is equipped with free wifi, a projector, colorful lights, and a seating area. From the Chill Zone, you can also have a clear view of Tayo's Road Circuit and wave to your kid as they drive by.

Recommended Age: Suitable for both adults and kids

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Tayo's Toy Store

Your trip to Tayo Station Singapore won't be complete if you don't buy souvenirs from Tayo's Toy Store. The store offers Little Bus merchandise and interesting Tayo-themed toys for kids of all ages. Take your favorite cartoon home and rejoice in the memories of the trip forever. Recommended Age: 1-12

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FAQ's of Tayo Station Singapore

What is the best time to visit Tayo Station Singapore?

Morning (weekday) is the best time to visit Tayo Station Singapore as the rush is comparatively lower than other times of the day, and you can enjoy the attraction without any hassle.

-Where is Tayo Station Singapore located?

Tayo Station Singapore is located at 1 Pasir Ris Close E! Hub, Downtown East, Level 3, Singapore.

What are the activities to do at Tayo Station Singapore?

1.Poco's Hinoki Play:

Head to Poco's Hinoki Play and let your kids test their abilities and senses as they emulate sand play through wooden cubes called Hinoki. The kids can excavate, dig and build creative items through the tiny building blocks around them.

2.Tayo's Road Circuit:

This is a creative child-sized street equipped with fun spaces like the Wash n' Go, Garage, and Gas Pump Kiosk. It is the perfect place for the kids to zip around and play on mini manual rides.

3.Cliff Ball Pool:

Cliff Ball Pool is a combination of a long ball pool and a mini rock-climbing wall. Your kids swim and wade through a sea of multi-colored softballs over here.

4.Gani's Playground:

Gani's Playground is fully foam padded and is dotted with a maze of tunnels and obstacles and thrilling slides. At this 3-storey play system, your kids can go through different levels of difficulty.

What are the safety guidelines to keep in mind while visiting Tayo Station Singapore?

  • Wear masks and sanitize your hands properly.
  • Keep the park clean, don't throw cans and waste materials here and there.
  • Only ten people per group will be allowed to enter the various zones within the park.
  • All guests must purchase Tayo Station's entrance tickets online and prebook a preferred play & date session on Tayo Station's website.
  • Proper temperature screening will be done at the entry gate of the park.

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